October 15, 2012

Multitude Monday

Multitude Monday again!  I don't intend for the blog to just be Monday posts... but at the moment that seems to suit my energy and creative levels... ;)

Here are 10 things I'm thankful for this past week:

#51 - A perfect trip to Niagara Falls last Tuesday with my little family and our visiting family from Phoenix. I was kind of dreading the trip because it was 6 hours in the car with AJ who is as predictable as the weather... but I loaded up with LOTS of snacks and he did great the whole day. It was the warmest day of the week - a perfect fall day with the sun shining bright. We enjoyed the Falls and a long leisurely stroll around Niagara-On-The-Lake. A perfect ending to the week's vacation.

#52 - Chocolate chip cookies. Pillsbury. The emergency kind when you're craving (and it's not usually me but my husband!) a warm cookie with a glass of milk. Yum. (no calories, right??)

#53 - Finally getting in to get my license renewed. I drove past the office a ton of times over the last few weeks, and the line-up was always outrageously long. So I got there as early as I could today - just after 9am - and we were in-and-out in about 20 minutes. Little Man and I can handle that.

#54 - Feeling lots of movement from my little jumping bean. This pregnancy is FLYING by...  January is coming insanely fast.

#55 - Hearing that my grandmother is feeling a bit better after many weeks of not being well.

#56 - Finding out that my Dad is stopping in for an overnight visit the end of the month - yay!

#57 - Watching AJ turn into a climbing monkey suddenly. Nothing is out of bounds for him now... I caught him hanging from the double closet door knobs with his feet above his waste and his little arm muscles bulging...  I know this means more bruises and injuries... but I do have a boy after all! :) Here's a clip of him climbing his highchair. He has such a sense of style too... ha.

#58 - The cute moments where Little Man wants to copy whatever we're doing...
Whether it's sweeping:

Or copying his Dad gel his hair:

#59 - God's patience with me. And the example He is of how I should be with my son...  I get discouraged with how quickly I can become frustrated and impatient with AJ, especially on the days when he is so good most of the day then has a tired melt-down at the end. I should be able to handle that without feeling so exasperated... but many days, that's not the case. I'm reminded of how often my God should be so frustrated with me over my actions and thoughts... yet He shows me so much grace. Patience. Love. I pray to grow more like Him.

#60 - Getting through piles and piles of paper that have been storing up for way too long. Lots shredded and lots recycled. Feels good to purge!

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  1. Janna ~ AJ is just adoreable ~ I was laughing so hard at the highchair video I was almost crying!!!! And yes, January will be here before long! Enjoy each day to the fullest!!! Love you! CAT


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