October 29, 2012

Multitude Monday

On this windy rainy night, I have 10 grace gifts I'm thankful for... though a little AJ over-loaded this week. oops. 

*Sidenote - praying for all those in the path of Hurricane Sandy... many friends and family...  

Some of my multitudes for this week:

#61 -  Beautiful autumn colours... I've been enjoying these, and will likely wake up to very bare trees tomorrow after this windstorm passes through!

#62 - AJ has his first real pair of sneakers!  How cute are these big-boy shoes?? :)

#63 - Watching my baby boy experience a big pile of leaves raked together for him by his Dad :)

#64 - Watching my two loves playing in the leaves!

#65 - A random hot fall day last week... sooo beautiful!

#66 - Watching AJ and his best bud play in a big mud puddle at the park. They found the puddle before  we saw what they were doing, and since it was so warm out, we let them continue to play in it... for over 20 minutes! SPLASH! :)

soooo dirty... had to feel disgusting - socks, shoes, heavy soaked cords... ugh. But they were oh so happy. Innocent fun :)
This messy fun is hard work Mom! Must re-hydrate :)

#67 - Seeing this cute mischievous face peaking out from his new favourite hiding place - in the cupboard under the kitchen sink!

#68 - My city boy exploring his country heritage... well, his mom never lived ON a farm or had a clue about milking cows - but she did live SURROUNDED by farms!

#69 - Seeing and hearing the joy in my son's face and voice every time he hears the Go-Train go through... mad rush to the window to watch until it's gone.

#70 - AJ is slowing gaining confidence & coordination with his spoon... fed himself a whole bowl of yogurt! YAY :)

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  1. Aw, so sweet! Hope we can see AJ (and YOU) in person sometime soon!!! Love you!


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