May 4, 2010

Humbled under God's Hand

"Now I, ___________, praise, exalt and honour (or glorify) the King of Heaven, for all His works are true and His ways are just, and He is able to humble those who walk in pride."  (Daniel 4:37)

Everything He does is right. His ways are just. His thoughts and plans so much wiser than mine. He is worthy of my praise!

But it's the last phrase that almost (!) terrifies me.... considering what you have just finished reading when you get to that verse. King Nebuchadnezzar lived THE life of luxury... his kingdom was flourishing - all was running tickety-boo. (really - do we actually SAY that?!) He was now a much older man... he acknowledged God as 'god over the other gods', but not as the One and Only... it was only after his second troubling dream that Daniel interpreted for him came to fruition that He is quoted in Daniel 4. It was only after he spent 7 years (at least it seems to be understood as 7 years) in the field living like a beast that his heart and eyes were opened to WHO the True God is... he was humbled under the hand of God in order to see Who the One and Only is and to place Him in the exalted place of honour He alone deserves.

This passage makes me stop and search my heart... am I walking in pride? Is there even the root of pride that needs to be pulled out?

Scriptures frequently reference "humble yourself" or "he who humbles himself"... Our God gives us ample opportunity to rid ourselves of pride and to humble ourselves before a holy and righteous God...  even when Daniel interpreted this dream for King Neb he begged him to repent of his sins and change his ways and to show mercy to the poor... it seems that if the King had heeded Daniel's warning he could have escaped God's solemn lesson on being humbled before God... am I hearing the warning? Will I choose to humble myself before my God or will I be so stubborn and prideful that God will have to take action... "He is able to humble those who walk in pride..."


  1. Janna,

    I just stumbled on to your blog just now. This is something that scares me as well. When you read through the OT and you read of how often they got away from God's ways b/c of pride or other reasons, we have to realize our hearts are the same. I look at my own heart and it scares me. But I guess as you said, it comes to "my choice". I read Nehemiah this a.m. Chapter 9 was a huge encouragement to me. We have the same GOD!!!

    Take care.


  2. Which Hazel is this? :)
    I will check out Nehemiah 9 tomorrow when I'm a little more alert... :)

  3. Hazel Leger Do you know me? haha

  4. I think I've run into you once or twice.... ;)


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