July 15, 2010

Love Story - Part 7

Oh the anticipation... Saturday was here! The day of the big Gold Ticket Tennis match..I think I called it a Gold medal round in previous posts...that is incorrect... I don't think they have gold medals in these championships... looking through my pictures refreshed my memory and apparently this event was a semi-final - not a final.   I guess it was "gold seating" we had...Oops! I knew it was "gold" something and I'll refrain from making a very corny comment about a "golden day"...

So Saturday... I got up early and was out the door on a very sunny day... caught my bus and eventually arrived at Finch Station - all jittery I might add. I had great expectations for this day! I found my tall friend and we hit the subway for our destination - The Danforth.

It was such a fun time... the place was PACKED with people and there was food and music everywhere. We were totally enjoying ourselves and it didn't feel strange at all to be together alone. It was comfortable. Relaxed. Perfect. We shared a bunch of Loukoumadas: Greek honey balls that squirt and melt in your mouth. Yum Yum YUMM! For lunch we both had delicious messy gyros... did I mention messy?? Dripping everywhere... proof we were comfortable with each other. :)

After we had our full of people watching (I tried to upload a video of a lady dancing in the crowd to the Greek bands... hilarious. It won't upload.), food tasting, hot and sweaty walking, we headed back to the subway to return to my tall friend's car. It was time for the next event of the day - the Rogers Cup!

We arrived early and wandered the grounds... there were some booths and stuff. Finally we settled in to watch the game. I got brave and snapped a one-arm picture of us to capture the day...

The game was fun. Sitting there commenting on various guests was fun. Oops - did I say that out loud? Sitting there silently watching together was fun. I was so comfortable with him that at one point I ALMOST laid my head on his shoulder because it was just there... I caught myself in time and gave myself a stern talking to. I had really been quite forward enough, don't you think?!

During intermission we captured a few pictures to prove we were there... :)

This may not have been during intermission... but it's definitely a mock-excitement shot...
way too much enthusiasm for the man I know! ;)

Another proof we were there... :)

When we came out of the stadium, the winner was already posted (Federer!) - seriously, they must have been standing there with the "stickers" to paste as SOON as the last call was made and the winner declared.  As you can see - I really really dress up for my "dates"...

The activities of the day were over - it had been a busy but most wonderful day. It was dark and I was sleepy... but all my senses were alert. All day I wondered WHEN he would ask me out... then I'd tell myself: "It is likely just you! On his end, he's only hanging out with his friend..." And then my heart would sink. Could it really be like that? It felt so right... I had peace when I was with him... oh the inner turmoil and conversations!

The drive home was rather quiet. My thoughts certainly weren't quiet. The fact that my tall friend was SO quiet really made me wonder. But, he drove right into the driveway without saying anything and it felt like the bottom of my heart dropped. After having all day alone together, a whole drive home together, nothing had happened. With all the opportunity, it wasn't like anything was going to happen in the driveway in front of "my house" when we could get caught sitting there.

Then he said something after he put the car in park. "... Janna, will you go out with me?" Seriously - just like that?! No preamble, no "umms and ahhhs"... just deep breath and a straight forward question?? I had been waiting for this for what seemed like forever (I had known him a little less than two months)... What do I say to this??


Yes... that is what I said. So eloquent... so demure... so thought out...   Why he didn't turn and run at that moment, I will never understand.

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  1. Wise guy.. not to run.
    Love your story Janna. So much more exciting when I know you both. Keep going!


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