July 10, 2010

Love Story - Part 5

The day at the cottage... that weekend seemed like a turning point. From that point on, I had less doubt my tall friend was interested in more than friendship. (I think that sentence says what I mean it to say!) I don't know what was different - maybe just hopeful thinking on my end!

Before and after THE cottage weekend, Starbucks was a favorite haunt for the four of us - my NJ friend and her husband, my tall friend and me. Many evenings were spent relaxing there on Main St Unionville - chatting, laughing, musing and just enjoying friendship. We often went there after a "game" (don't laugh) of tennis or frisbee... or skipped out on the physical activity and just went for a frap (for them) and a cinnamon dolce (for me). Those were wonderful evenings.

Not too long after the day at the cottage, my NJ friend (I think I'll call her NJ Girl) invited the family I was staying with over after a meeting, along with myself and.... yes... him. It was very rare that they invited me without the 'tall guy', and vice-versa. They ordered pizza and we sat around their little apartment to eat.

Remember - my stomach couldn't handle this excitement in my life and I was eating about three bites a day... not that much of an exaggeration! NJ Girl must have had enough and couldn't keep quiet about the change she noticed in my eating habits... I tried to shush her without being noticable (ha), and she kind of caught on that I didn't want it advertised... but not before the hawk eyes of some of the other guests... there were some "knowing looks" but they let it go without too much ado.

I think my secret was starting to get out...

At work, there was no secret. The girls were asking for daily updates... Two of the ladies were in their 40's and were often the "motherly-protective" types with me. They had been very hesitant of me going for that 2 hour car ride up to the cottage with this guy I had "just met"... they didn't quite get our *little* (ha) network... ;)

In August 2006, the Men's Rogers Cup was in Toronto and my boss was given 4 tickets to the gold medal game. Instead of going himself, he offered the tickets to his small team, and somehow I ended up with two tickets! I don't know much about tennis, but I'll go to pretty much any sporting event and enjoy myself. Except  Jay's game... did that and was bored to tears. Thankfully we were with fun friends, and that entertained me. :) Anyway, back to the Rogers Cup. I was excited about this opportunity! And... I had a decision to make - who to invite to this great event with me?? hmmm

I mulled it over... I could invite NJ Girl, but she has zero interest in sports. Couldn't invite her husband - that would just be weird! Could I invite my tall friend?? whoa... that's awfully forward. I mean, I had guy friends back home who I would ask in a second and not think twice about it... but... this guy?? I wasn't asking for a date... but really, it would sound like I was... oh, the dilemma... I certainly knew who I WANTED to invite, but did I dare??

A couple days passed, but I couldn't wait much longer... I certainly didn't want that seat to go empty. The girls at work thought it wasn't a big deal and that I should go for it... but that's not really who I should always get advice from. :)

Part of me hated this "hanging" feeling... I had fallen hard. But I was still holding back some, because I  thought it could be a one-way deal.  I still had one more month to go before going back to Halifax, and if I was left in the dark for another 3 weeks or so.... well, I would just get further involved emotionally and going home without knowing seemed more than I was prepared for. Maybe watching a game of tennis would help??  (Go ahead - you can roll your eyes... ) At least if I discovered we were just friends than I would know and could deal with it...  it had happened before in my little life, and I survived... and could see it was God's best for me. If it was to happen again, He would help me through.

So one morning at work I sat there staring at my cell phone....  I had his number from the time he called to arrange the cottage plans.  Do I take this very forward plunge?? This was so against what I would ever do with someone I was interested... in the past I ran. I hid. I certainly wasn't calling the person up!

But this was different... for some reason I understood he'd be ok with the call even if he couldn't go. So, with MUCH shakiness, I picked up my phone and dialed....

Oh NO! It was ringing!!

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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha! So what they said at the wedding was true... you DID ask him out! Woohoo!!!


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