July 21, 2010

PFG Revealed

Project Flower Garden:

What the front of our house looked like Saturday afternoon:

A close up of my healthy weeds:

I missed a few picture opportunities here... like when I came home from work and found an amazingly cleaned out garden bed - no weeds left! And two plants sitting there, along with a few bags of mulch... Dad worked hard ALL DAY pulling weeds from the front of our house and the back.... it was such a wonderful surprise to come home to - completely appreciated!!

While he was out visiting for the evening, Evan and I decided we better do this once and for all... we went and got a couple more plants, a few more bags of soil and mulch... Dad had left a note that he planned to finish the planting, etc the next day but wanted our input to where we wanted the plants he bought.... I couldn't let him do all our work, so we went to work on it while he was out...

Here Evan is laying down the "weed cover" Dad also bought... :)

Sorry for the quality of the pictures - it was now dark....

Almost done... but we weren't sure what we were doing with the back row of "plants" (not sure they qualify as that), so we left some work for Dad for the next day... aren't we nice?!

The next day... and yes, it was once again evening... Dad went out to water OUR plants... we couldn't stay inside and let him do our work (again), so we went out and decided to just finish off with the mulch we had, and not move around any of the plants in the back row. 

Here is Dad busy watering... and if you're wondering why he's using a bucket - we don't have a water source out front and at the moment our hose won't reach... so it comes out halfway down our house, and then we fill a bucket up there and bring the water to the plants... maybe another reason why only weeds grow here?!

A daylight picture from this morning... not the BEST garden you've ever seen, but certainly better than all those weeds.... Now we just need to remember to water... and maybe buy some more mulch as it's spread pretty thin.

sigh....  I'm tired.  Thanks Dad. ;)

(no really - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


  1. Dads are great, aren't they!?! Now I just need to get mine to come visit and do some woodworking around the house!

    Oh - and your garden looks beautiful. I am quite horticulturally challenged, so I'm very impressed.

  2. Can you send your dad here? He must be miracle man, and we need some garden miracles! Love your new PGF!

  3. It looks great, Janna. Congratulations on a job well done.

    I was away for a while and am only now getting caught up on my blog-reading.


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