July 19, 2010

Love Story - Part 8

I can't explain the rush of emotions at that question... a complete mix of relief, excitement, peace and anticipation.  I could finally lay my head on his shoulder in contentment, while he kissed the top of my head. In a moment he became not only my Tall Friend but My Man. My favorite person to spend time with... the one I spent most of my days thinking about, counting the hours until I could see him again. The one I had prayed for, for so many years... wondering if he even existed.

My God surprised me.

Many times my faith wavered, my trust was weak, and my heart hurt.  Very few of us are naturally content with being single. I wasn't. Everyone wants to be loved and wanted, and I was no different. I was lonely. I spent a number of years agonizing over that. But there came a point in my relationship with my God before I went to Toronto that summer, that He opened my eyes to the wasted time, energy and emotions of longing for something I didn't have.  He pushed me until I HEARD Him - He wanted me to be satisfied and content with HIM alone.  And really, while I struggled with going to Toronto for that summer, I was ok with my "non-relationship-status" because I was trusting that God knew best and that His timing is always right. Even if He called me to be single for life.

I don't know how long my attitude would have remained like that, but I'm glad that's where I was emotionally and mentally when God brought my tall friend into my life...  I know even now I often struggle with the truth that my God STILL wants me to find my root satisfaction, contentment and joy in Him alone... and to praise and thank Him for the additional joys, blessings and love He has gifted me.

When I was least expecting it - God brought along the one He had planned for me all along. Someone perfectly suited for me, while very much an almost complete opposite. He brought the "City Boy" who will always attempt to tame the "Island Girl"... :) He brought someone who makes me laugh. Isn't it wonderful to be with someone you can laugh with? He brought someone who would envelope me with love - even if he didn't always understand me. He brought someone who would encourage me to move outside my comfort zone. He brought someone who would be forgiving of my inexperienced domestic skills. He brought someone along who loves the Lord and desires to serve Him. He brought along someone who enjoyed just being with me. Isn't it special to know that someone likes you and enjoys being with you? He brought someone along who is most certainly my better half... someone I respect, admire, enjoy and love with all my heart.

After accepting my tall friend's offer to take his hand and join him on this road of life, I never once had doubts that my Man was the one for me. I took the last week of August off before going back to Halifax for school, and my Man took a week's vacation... we spent every day together doing day trips to places like Kingston and Bon Echo Provincial Park. We made memories, asked questions learning more about each other, and just enjoyed each other's company. It was a special week... and made the parting at the end that much harder.

I was going back to Halifax for another semester of school... but I was leaving my heart in Toronto.


  1. Janna,

    So happy you are sharing your story with your friends. I love it. You are a wonderful person and I'm sure Evan is as well. I don't know him very well but certainly like what I do know. Keep serving the Lord and put HIM first in your life.

    Hazel L.

  2. What an amazing love story! You had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Thanks for sharing!


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