January 21, 2011

A bit of this, A bit of that

Just a quick update for anyone who has been praying for Joanne Heim but haven't had the chance to read her husband's update on her blog... Docs have had her in a deep coma for a couple days, but have taken her off those meds to see how she responds and evaluate the damage...  According to her husband's last msg on Twitter about 17 hours ago, there have been a few complications including seizure activity on the left side which is supposed to be her good side...  Also, their two daughters, Audrey and Emma, who had been home schooled for the last year and a half, started back at a private Christian school this week. A lot of changes for these young girls and this family can definitely use our prayers.


Now for just some personal baby rambling nonsense... :)

Naming a real live baby is much more difficult than choosing character names in your fictional story, or writing lists of names you like, or casually discussing baby names *long* before a little one is even in the picture...  in the previously mentioned scenarios, it's one person thinking, deciding, and naming in accordance to that one person's preference...  in real life, there is usually two of you to think, suggest, and... agree.  Glad we get "9 months"! :)

Had my 2nd ultrasound and 20 week appointment. Baby is growing text-book perfect... but I do have a partial (or Type III) Placenta Praevia and a fibroid... if you don't know what it is, don't waste time looking it up. They have hope the Placenta Praevia condition will work itself out in the next 8 weeks, but in the meantime I am on a few restrictions.. but nothing that causes a lot of concern.  Apparently the fibroid thing is very common and nothing to be concerned about because of where it's located.  Oh, and my blood pressure is really low too... but also nothing to worry about - just have to eat frequently (ha) and drink lots of liquids.

Wow - way too much medical information! My apologies.

We bought our crib and stroller so far... quite exciting... I also purchased my crib bedding online over the Christmas holidays, but it STILL hasn't arrived... I'm a little impatient because I want to know if I like it in person as much as I did on the laptop screen. Plus, once it gets here, then I can finalize paint colours... my dear mom is coming up the middle of February for a week... she's not coming for a vacation... she's coming to paint! We owe her. Lots. Cause she'll likely also cook for us too.... here's to hoping! ;)

A question for you mothers who worked before your child was born... how late did you work? I want to take a few weeks off before my due date, and feel I'm not of the personality to go too stir crazy... but what was your experience? Did you work up until the due date? Did you take some time off before? If you worked right up to the due date, do you WISH you could have taken some time off before??  Any thoughts?

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