January 6, 2011


In case anyone is waiting for the news, though I think the world knows by now because of Facebook... ;)

Jersey Girl had a baby GIRL!!  Kaylee Victoria was born last night at 7:55pm - 7lbs and 15oz... 20 inches long. And she is *beautiful*. She has rosy little cheeks, the cutest little nose and the tiniest kissable little mouth. I saw her for a few minutes after work today, and completely fell in love. She has dark hair that has some "curl" to it which takes after Jersey Girl's hair... and perfect little ears. A perfect miracle created by our Great God.

Both Kaylee's Mom and Dad look great and everyone is healthy, happy and in love. All thanks to our God for this healthy birth!

Sweet dreams....  June now feels very far away today. :)

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  1. Thanks for the update! I'm so happy for them. Praise God for His Faithfulness!


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