June 9, 2010


We had such a beautiful day on Saturday. It was "Year-End" BBQ for our ESL classes, and while the forecast said rain - the Lord provided us with sunshine and warmth!  It was a lot of work leading up to it, but seeing the lovely faces of our friends made it all worth it. Each one is so appreciative and helpful. They would do all our work if we let them! We made a few menu adjustments this year, and it seemed to go over much better... the mandarin salad, broccoli salad and corn-on-the-cob were a big hit! 

  After eating, we brought them inside for a short gospel message that was translated for those who know less english. Most seemed to listen attentively.   We're thankful to a few from the Agincourt assembly who come frequently to translate for us. You can see Allan here in the picture (black t-shirt). :)

Then it was gift time! All the "helpers/teachers" lined up and greeted the student as they went through the line after picking up their gift. Tears were shed, and everyone - student and "teacher" alike - had genuine big smiles! 

We only have two classes, but since Level 1 (Basic everyday English) needs much more one-on-one attention, they have more helpers as you can see from the picture... ;) 

Our Level 2 class (English through the Bible) is a wonderful group. We love them dearly, and they seem to enjoy coming.  They ask wonderful questions and we often realize how much we "skim" over by hearing one of their questions. It's neat seeing the scriptures through their eyes. If you remember from time-to-time, pray for our little group. :)

While it was a year-end celebration, and the beginner level is stopping for the summer break, our little class decided to continue. It just feels wrong to STOP momentum when you have it, and when you have people coming eager to read and discuss a portion of the bible... well, how CAN you stop?! :) We'll see how the summer goes - we may take August off.

Sorry for the lack of layout with the pictures - I can't seem to manipulate them at all. Any tips??

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