June 29, 2010

Love Story - Part 1

Have you ever read someone else's love story and as a result, fallen more in love with your own man?

Recently I lost myself in a blogger's love story... I must say she has a way of putting words that caused many an inward romantic sigh... but hearing her revisit her 11 year old romance with such detail and love made me look at my own little story in a fresh way - my heart longing to let out a little squeal... God truly showered me with love when He sent my tall man my way... He knew exactly what I needed and ... brought us together. I am SO thankful.

Our third anniversary is just around the corner - July 2. mmm :)

Who would have thought when I got fed up with my boring job and made the decision to go back to school for a new career (or A career), that God was busy working on exceeding all my expectations... looking back, the timing of so many things was such a God Plan.

What first year student gets to "jump into" 2nd year programming because of her "mature student" status, thus allowing her to complete a 4 month work term 9 months into a 4-year program? (Whoa - a lot of numbers in that sentence)  As I would find out the following year, my being "fast tracked" at the beginning made no sense whatsoever to any advisor I talked to... obviously it was just because God wanted it that way!


Well, at that time, this guy I had never met before was only in Toronto for an 18-month project, and had I taken the "expected" course load, I would have never ended up in Ontario during those 18-months. God's timing. And that's just the start of a million instances where God clearly showed His hand confirming that it was His timing... His story... His plan for us. I love it. :)

Toronto - the L.A.S.T place I wanted to spend any summer. Smoggy, humid, concrete jungle. In fact, I was quite depressed leaving Halifax the end of April. I was hoping for Vancouver or Calgary, but nope... Toronto. (Thankfully I had the best job ever at Sunnybrook... loved it!)

Interestingly, at a conference in May, I ran into a childhood friend from New Jersey who married a Canadian boy (a shock in itself! ;)).  They only lived 25 minutes across 'town' from where I was boarding, so we exchanged numbers, planning a dinner date at her house early June.

Guess who else was invited there for the first time?? Yup. You guessed it. As they would tell it, this wasn't a match-making experience. Yet.

From that night on, the four of us hung out almost every weekend and a few weeknights in between... I have never played so many games as I did those few weeks. My standard line was, "My friends back home would never believe I'm playing games...!" No, I'm not a games person at all. Sports - yes. Board games? No. I've hardly played any since that summer... At least I was honest about my out-of-character behaviour. My new tall friend however, not so honest.  The four of us played tennis, went roller-blading, played Frisbee, went for walks.... I was excited that this guy liked being active! Ha. The truth came out later... after the honeymoon. (And I still love him.)

I was enjoying this friendship... we were relaxed around each other and laughter came easily. We have very similar backgrounds, including the small fact that we are grandchildren of gospel preachers who (it's a small world!) were close friends! But... I knew very little about his personal life, with the key question being: Did he have a girl back home?  I've always been comfortable hanging out with my guy friends, and this guy was no different... and thankfully he wasn't terrified of hanging out with a friend who was a girl.  But as far as I could tell - that's all I was to him...

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