June 22, 2010

This and That... Random post :)

Can you believe how fast June is flying by??

It's a little slow at work these days... at least for my position. The guys seem to be "running" non-stop, but the work is all at a high-level for now. I'm waiting for that work to trickle down... My busy time of month is  "board meeting week" and invoicing which is a good two weeks of solid work with the prep, processing and follow-up details. 3 weeks out of 4 isn't too bad...  I like being busy - I'm a much more diligent worker when there's a crunch on! No at-work blogging when I'm busy... ;)

My Dad is coming to the city!! Yay! Contrary to everyone's conclusions, he's not staying with us... :(   He's having meetings with the Langstaff assembly so will be staying with a family from there. But as Dad likes to give the family he's staying with a break from time-to-time, we are planning on getting him for a few weekends. It will be wonderful to see him. Also contrary to popular opinion, my mom isn't coming up... it just doesn't make sense if Dad is here to work and I'm at work all day... hopefully there will be a day in the future when I'm staying at home and it would make ALL the sense in the world for her to come up! :)

Remember that whole Project Flower Garden thing? Yah, well... nothing has been done since that post. My weeds are starting to grow again... yikes.

Our 3rd anniversary is almost here... we're pretty low-key about these things (birthdays, Valentine's Day, anniversaries...), but why does it always seem to be about the woman? For those of you who have been married for some time - any suggestions on making the day special for HIM? Any clues? Other than finally making him a pie for the first time ever. ;)

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  1. It's hard to believe 3 years already! And for the garden patch...don't let those weeds grow back. Put anything in. Maybe you could offer to let your husband do the whole thing for an anniversary gift!!!! IF he's anything like mine, it would be the worst thing you could offer him.

    Have fun.

    Hazel Leger


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