June 30, 2010

Love Story - Part 3

Where was I? Oh yes... anticipating the almost three hour drive North to Cottage country with this new tall friend of mine... alone.

Before I continue, I found an email from my dad dated July 11, 2006... He writes "How is everything else going? I noticed in one of your emails multiple references to D Howard’s grandson. Should I read anything into that? Are you wondering?"  Apparently I was a little transparent with my family. :)

Cottages mean water... which means swimming... which means bathing suits. AAHH! I remember that on the Thursday after work I took the subway to a mall to look at bathing suits. I can't remember if I was successful or not (there's a very rare success rate). But I do remember one very important phone call I received.  HE was calling to arrange the weekend details... it was the first time I talked to him on the phone. If you know me, you know I hate talking on the phone, so you can only imagine how nervous I was. The reception was bad, so I quickly put down whatever I was looking at and ran outside so I could hear his voice.

He asked if I had any plans Friday evening, and umm... no I didn't. My mind was racing... why did he care about my Friday night? Great... he wanted to do something since we were both free... Was I excited? Of course! Terrified? Absolutely. He thought we could go to the driving range. Ha! This should be an experience! So... we made pick-up plans for the next evening and I was left alone with my thoughts. Oh my. I was giddy. It's awful to be giddy ALONE. You really look quite insane. I think my face was cracking from the permanent grin of delight. My stomach was revolting though - hordes butterflies performing all kinds of gymnastic stunts!

I couldn't have worked with a better group of people at that time in my life... they were the coolest ladies. I really loved them. Even my boss - the only guy in our little office - picked up on details and would offer a dry comment here and there. :) I couldn't say a peep to any of my friends about what was going on, but... my co-workers were safe. And they were loving this fresh beginning of what they had already determined a romance! I'm so thankful I could let out some of my excitement and nervousness around them.

So as you can imagine, my Friday wasn't all that productive at work... I finally wrapped up and got on the bus and then the subway to meet this new tall friend for a whole new experience. Oh, and the whole time I was praying I wouldn't have to eat in front of him... because I knew I ... couldn't.

I'm pacing outside the shopping mall watching for a silver Honda Civic...then I realized I didn't look "cool and collected"... so I stop pacing and find a wall to lean against. Now do I look like I'm not overly anxious?? (Not likely.)

Oh, here he comes... We both grin. I get in and we start chatting... so far so good. We've spent time chatting before, so this I could handle. He asks if I'm hungry. Nope! The decision was made to go straight to the driving range... it was really quite laughable - I'm just under 5'2" and he is 6'4"(I think)... we used his clubs. That's why my swing was horrible and the ball always went wonky. At least that's the story I'm sticking with!

We had a good hour there with quite a few laughs... then headed back to the car and sit on the bumper for a few minutes. I'm panicking - "Please let us not go out to eat.. PLEASE!" That was my inside voice... he decides it's time for supper. We go to Milestone's where there was nothing under 11.99... (Sadly, I've become a little spoiled since, and 11.99 doesn't faze me anymore...) My stomach is totally flip-flopping... there's no way I'm going to be able to eat, but I have to order something!  I go for the cheapest sandwich and salad thing I can find and pray I can eat. We talk... we haven't had a problem doing that... suddenly the Manager is at our table apologizing profusely for the delay in our food arriving...  ummm... delay? We hadn't noticed.  The food arrived, and I got half my salad down and about 3 bites of my sandwich....  and that. is. it. I was so embarrassed, but my dinner date (no - we weren't on a date) didn't make much of it. Thankfully.

From there he drove me home and dropped me off... letting me know the very early pick-up time the next morning for our trip north to Cottage country.  I don't remember dreaming that night, but I'm positive they were sweet dreams....  it had been a wonderful evening, minus the fact I was supposed to actually EAT supper...

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