June 25, 2010

Loving the little things...

It's been a long S.L.O.W. week... I've already complained mentioned that a few days ago, so today I am going to point out a few things I enjoyed during the week.

1. We had our first Dairy Queen date of the season Wednesday night. Dating is a novelty.  We didn't date long between meeting for the first time and getting married! ;)

2. We had a really nice thunder & lightning storm Wednesday night/Thursday morning... and while it jolted me awake in the wee hours of the early morning, it's always a cool weather experience. When you're safe inside that is. And I was.

3. My man usually works down in the heart of Toronto... his new building is connected to Union Station, which plants him smack in the middle of all the G20 action and fences. Instead of fighting that craziness, he worked from home Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week... So because I'm a nice wife (who has the car), I drove across town on my lunch hour, picked us up something quick to eat (Quizno Sub, Burger King...you know - healthy substantial meals!) and had four minute dates at our kitchen table. Four minutes, because that's all the time I had before I had to turn around and drive back to work. But those four minutes were worth it! Except for Thursday, when I had my timing wrong, and he was still on a call during those four minutes... we managed to wave at each other.  Definitely worth it.

4. England won their game, so they're still in the World Cup... (but unfortunately, their next game is Sunday morning at 10am... guess we'll miss it!)

5. I bought three books on Amazon that will hopefully teach me how to use my new wonderful camera better. They arrived Wednesday. They're pretty. I love books. Any books. Even text books.... (to look at - not study)

I know there were many other little things to delight in, but I'll leave you with those very exciting five. (And yes, I apologise for wasting your time if you've read this!) :)

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend... I get to see my dad tomorrow morning... *happy dance*

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