November 1, 2012

Baby, oh Baby...

A *long* overdue post... this fall has been busy, and AJ keeps me hopping, but I haven't forgotten my growing little one due to arrive the end of January. Precious One - you are SO loved... and your big brother is busy learning all sorts of mischief to teach you. :)

Way back in September, I had my ultrasound to tell us whether this little one will be AJ's little brother or sister. My parents were still visiting, and since my Man couldn't escape work to attend with me, I had the tech write her opinion on a sticky and sealed it in an envelope. Later that evening, we found out the news together while my mom played photographer. I loved doing it this way instead of hearing the news in the sterile technician room!

Here's a play-by-play for memories :)

Look Dad - we're having a little ..........

Baby girl - we welcome you!! And your tomboy mama has a whoooooole lot to learn! :) :) :) x0x

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  1. aww! Congrats:) I love the sequence of pictures to go along with it.


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