November 5, 2012

Multitude Monday

Multitude Monday - My heart feels very full today. It's certainly been a newsworthy week, and in addition to all the blessings surrounding me in my own life, I'm also rejoicing with others! I can't help but put some of these into my multitudes this week...  :)

#71 - My sister got the job she interviewed for! Ironically - it's also the job she's been doing for ages without getting the recognition/credit... but as with the wonderful government bureaucracy - she was not a shoo-in for the position when it was officially posted to be filled. She endured the harrowing interview and waiting process - leaving it in God's hands... and He gave it to her! YAY :)

#72 - My uncle's brother trusted Christ as his Saviour! This is the most WONDERFUL news and I am rejoicing with those who love him and have prayed for him for yearrrrs. He is not well, but regardless of when he passes from this life - his believing family now have the joy of knowing he will be safe in His Saviour's arms. Such peace. :)
He's in this picture... enjoying a wonderful family evening after C&V's wedding a couple summers ago in CB:)
#73 - My friend has been on a long faith-testing adoption journey for two precious boys in China... God has shown up in SO many ways to provide, reassure, guide, encourage, give peace, etc over the months... last night, my friend and her husband held their first little boy in their arms for the first time - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  Her journey is here :)  My heart rejoices with them and I continue to pray as they go on to meet their second sweet boy and then head back to the States for a full family reunion... and their new life as they know it. :)

#74 - A little 2 day get-away to the Cottage - the last visit until Christmas...

#75 - Starbucks' Christmas cups are out!

#76 - My boy ate 3 bananas over the weekend...!  He used to love bananas, and it was a perfect snack. Then sometime in August he started rejecting them... he's eaten about 1.5 since - until this weekend. Here's hoping that he loves them again!

#77 - Kisses from my little man. So. Many. Kisses. :)

#78 - Bought our first Christmas gifts for AJ this year... I think that's the earliest I have ever shopped.

#79 - A quick stop at the beach on Saturday and seeing the pure delight on my boy's face... (until it registered just how cold it was and that this wasn't a normal beach day... ;) )

#80 - My main Man bringing home lattes to savour at the end of a busy Wednesday when the child was asleep.  mmmmm  Always a great surprise!

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  1. So thrilled over #72....surprised I did not hear this weekend... is this brand new news?!?!?


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