November 6, 2012

"THE Election" - food for thought

Good thing I'm Canadian... and just an onlooker to today's election South of the boarder...

I think most, if not all, of my American family and friends would vote Republican...  How do I know? Most are very vocal on Facebook ;)  I'm not here to lose or mess with those relationships. Just to offer a little food for thought.

As the numbers roll in tonight and before the outcome is announced, I just thought I'd share two pieces (one a blog post and the other a CNN article) that resonated with me - a Canadian Bible believing Christian.

The Election: Thoughts from a Christian Independent

Why My Bible Seems to Differ from Billy Graham's 
(And for the record - I have great respect for Mr Graham and his years of faithful service and gospel proclamation... But I am disappointed with recent events...)

With emotions and opinions high on both sides of the fence, I am thankful our God is Sovereign and the outcome is in His hands.

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