November 12, 2012

Multitude Monday

It's Monday - time to list some of my multitudes of blessings! :) 

Grateful to God for these 10 gifts...

81 - Finding evidences that we have a little guy in random places... a sticker on a bath towel hanging in by the shower... 2 random potato chips in my bedside drawer (!!)... a kid's sock in my plastic container drawer in the kitchen...  these, while very much out of place, make me smile!

82 - Having a warmer Sunday afternoon and taking AJ to the park. He's always so happy to be outside!
Park days:
(Photo Cred - Jersey Girl)
(Photo Cred - Jersey Girl)
 Sunday afternoon:
Oops - after trying to escape Mom to go back to splash in the mud puddle - he fell in! And thought it was very funny... haha

83 - Watching AJ discover a squirrel and beginning the chase... he will run after it waving as long as it is in his sight.  Seeing his excitement over these little creatures has given me a new appreciation for a critter I had become to umm... strongly dislike for their peskiness. :)  Little man better not turn his affections to raccoons... not sure my heart can be changed there. ;)

84 - Getting my first Starbucks Holiday Cup and Drink... peppermint mocha... and again, at the end of a long Wednesday after AJ was in bed. I love my man! :)

85 - Finding Italian Job on Netflix! I think this was the first movie my man and I watched together not long after we met... along with Jersey Girl and her husband. Sweet memories ;)

86 - Getting to skype with Mom and Dad. It felt like ages since our schedules and AJ's happy awake times all worked together!

87 - Knowing my friend is over halfway through her long 23 days in China and now has BOTH her little boys in her arms... I know they have a long journey (physically and emotionally) ahead of them, but the wait is over and they will soon all be reunited as a family again... all 11 of them. :) :)

88 - After a long hiatus (after just starting), our little bible study group is getting together again tonight. Back into the book of James we go!

89 - Lots of movement from this little girl growing inside me...  so thankful.  Makes up for how uncomfortable I am getting and I still have 10ish weeks to go! Can't wait to meet this little girl...

90 - Seeing AJ fall in love with books. He now has a favourite - The Jolly Barnyard (Little Golden Book)... at naptime this morning it was missing from his usual stockpile of books in his room. He found another Little Golden Book (same back cover) and got excited... I opened it, and he looked confused. He started grunting then flipping through the pages... then closed the book - not the right one. He didn't seem to be satisfied with looking through a different one, so we had to go downstairs to find his favourite. His face lit up when I found it and off he went upstairs carrying his book. He loves Farmer Brown and all his animals... :)

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