May 8, 2010

Congratulations to my little brother :)

I wish I were able to make a quick trip to PEI today. My little brother, who is NOT so little, is graduating from the first leg of his university journey... I can hardly believe Lucas, who I can picture holding his first snowball in a cute little blue snowsuit, is edging closer to his engineering degree! I'm so proud of him! I wish I were there in person to give him a big bear hug and tell him I love him. :) I'm glad Steffani and Timothy will be there beside Mom in the crowd... clapping and celebrating! Dad and I are missing out. Maybe not on the long graduating ceremony - but the brief time Lucas is up there doing the handshake! :)

3 More years to go at Dal.... 

And... he came 3rd in his Engineering program (**Correction from original - I thought Mom said his English class...)! Wahoo!! It had a nice little cash prize too, so good for him!

Here he is - all handsome and grown up. 

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