May 19, 2010


Wow. Why is choosing which camera to buy so confusing?? I *want* a DSLR camera... definitely not a need at the moment, and I still need to convince my wonderful husband... ;) I'm looking a Nikon D5000 or D3000 or a Canon Rebel T1i or XSi... and I really don't know what the best bang for my buck is. The more I read online the more confused I get! I think I'm leaning toward the D5000... if you have any comments, reviews or recommendations (or warnings!) - please feel free to share.


  1. Go for the Canon Rebel, for sure... know so many people that have one and love it. Too bad you didn't have it for the weekend to snap and post pictures of all those lovely people staying at your house! Hope it was a good time! Heard raving reviews about the conference.

  2. agh... SO confused. Like my sister said - it's like a Ford/Chevy kind of thing (ha.) - whoever is Nikon person is TOTALLY a Nikon person... and whoever is Canon completely recommends the Canon Rebel (of which there are so many models!)... thanks for your input!! :)


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