May 7, 2010

Thankful for answered prayers...

At the end of this week, there is so much to be thankful for... I'm trying to make it real 'habit' to give God thanks and praise for hearing prayer and answering. So here is a brief list I am thanking Him for today:

1. David Oliver has come through his surgery successfully and is starting his slow recovery. Thank you Lord for guiding the surgeon's hands and bringing the whole Oliver family through this anxious time.  If you want to read a blog about his recovery, check out:

2. Janice and Dean's family seems to be meshing together with their recent additions of their twin boys from Zambia. The children are playing together and helping each other. The twins are going for hugs from both Janice and Dean. There is much laughter in their house. The twins are learning bible verses and quickly picking up english. :)

3. We had 3 new students attend our ESL class last night. We have been going through the life of Jesus in Luke, and have just started the last few days of His life on earth...

4. It's been a not-fun week at work, but I've made it to Friday! I'm thankful the week is almost done! :)

5. My friend's mother-in-law, Maggie, is recovering from a full mastectomy and seems to be doing well - both in physical recovery and emotionally.

I know there's more to the list - but those are answers to 5 specific requests... each answer is cause for further prayer, as I'm sure you can read the unspoken (err... un-typed) requests!

Happy Friday everyone! :)


  1. Hey Janna.. found you! Enjoyed your post today.. it's good to be thankful even when God doesn't answer our prayers in ways we think He should. Good news about Maggie.. been praying specifically for her lately too. Hugs. SUE

  2. Thanks Sue :) Nice to hear from you!


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