May 25, 2010

Hot, Hot, H.O.T.

Ok... I was longing for summer, but it looks like it's going to be one of those hot stifling seasons..... I can handle it at the beach, but it's hard to bear in work clothes and when you try to sleep at night! It's only May and that terrifies me for August! But... I am thankful for the sunshine. :)

Weather in Markham:
Today: 31°C
Wed: 32°C
Thurs: 30°C

The Toronto Star says:
Toronto has issued its first extreme weather warning of the year as a result of this week’s expected record highs.

City officials upgraded the heat alert to an extreme alert after forecasts that Tuesday’s high temperature was expected to break the daily record of 28.1 C set in 2007. 

Temperatures are predicted to remain high until the end of the week.

Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips said Toronto’s current hot spell could equal the total number of hot days the city had last year

“This shows you we will likely have more summer this week than we had all last summer,” Phillips said.

Janna says: No kidding!! This is what we get for complaining about last Summer's weather! :)

In other news - a small plane crashed into a building a block and a bit away from where I work!

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