May 14, 2010

The weekend is almost here...

A busy weekend is ahead, but one I'm looking forward to... Company is coming - all the way from the East Coast! :) I'd love to post pictures of these fine people who I'm honoured to call my friends, but I don't have any that do them justice. Maybe I'll have a few at the end of the weekend. Shhh - don't tell them.

While visiting us isn't the main attraction, I'm thankful for any opportunity or excuse that allows "Easterners" to come our way. The main attraction this weekend is the Missionary Conference at Langstaff. I'm looking forward to the reports on El Salvador, St Lucia, and... Burma!!

Trent & Rebecca are our faithful visitors for this annual conference, and we're thrilled to host them again. The newbies this year are Grant & Cathie - Hurray! :)

I'd much rather be home cleaning my house, getting groceries (ugh - one of my LEAST favorite activities) and preparing for our company than to be sitting here at work. You know that cloud that hovers over you when you have so much to do but CAN'T get at it?? I'm not stressed out about my guests (thankfully!), but I would like to offer them a semi-ready home!  aahhh  :)

Ok - back to work I go... this was just a momentary distraction and I don't have a lot on my "work plate" today.  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Oh Janna.. I wish I could be one of your Westerner friends to come to the Missionary Conference! I'd love to be there this year, but alas.. commitments overrule yet again! Enjoy.. say hi to the Easterners from me!

  2. I wish you could too!! Some year... you're always welcome (even if your relatives will most likely steal you!) :) I'll say hello for you. Have a great wknd!


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